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We will cheerfully and expertly strategize and serve your papers.

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Our Mission

Our mission statement covers all aspects of our business keeping our clients as the key focus. After all, you write our pay checks.

Impress our customers by responding quickly to inquiries and resolving issues regarding service of process.

NYC Service Management

Build and maintain our community to always be ahead of the curve. Maintain a place for our clients to depend on at a single entity.


Success with your service information is dependent on up-to-date data. Tools like our mobile app that our people carry makes it easy to serve, consolidate, synchronize and file data into and forward the information right to you.

Thank you for your excellent service. Your online system is amazing and easy to use and follow. Another thing I will say is the office staff really knows their stuff. Amazing how you communicate.

Rob L , Attorney

All of our offices love your process service. Polite, fast and hands off as far as we are concerned. When there is a problem you not only relay the information but also have recommendations on moving forward.


Great Server - quick and reliable! (From Google 5 stars!)

Kenia Kolesnikov , ProSe

Notably good service. Great Communication, amazing online and email updates. Always available and they seem never to say never. Thank you so much for your great service in New York!

Charles , Paralegal

Our firm uses your process services almost daily. We love the way we can get our papers served without even picking up the telephone. Everything is done online or via email. Rush or regular services, doesn't matter...your firm gets it done. Thanks and keep it up!

Scott F. , Legal Professional

Thank you I must say, I've been serving documents since 2009 and your company had by far the quickest results. Happy Friday.

Thomas T , Legal Professional

Thanks as always. Yesterday you guys went above and beyond for us. Thanks again.

Rob Z , Managing Clerk

Regarding The Binghamton NY Office

(From Google)

The staff at were very friendly and professional and answered all the questions that I had. They are very fast and affordable and made serving my legal documents very easy. I would recommend using them anytime that you need your documents served.

Dave K , Pro Se
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Service of process” is a legal term for the method by which a defendant is notified of an initial legal action. In the US, service of process is so critical that a lawsuit can’t begin unless service is completed properly. Generally, service of process is completed by delivering a set of documents to whoever needs to be served.

Every jurisdiction has its own definition of what counts as service of process, and the documents required can include an initial complaint or a formal summons issued by the court. In any case, the point is to notify a party that legal proceedings have begun and establish the court’s “personal jurisdiction” over all the parties involved in the lawsuit.

The important part is that Plaintiffs can’t serve process themselves. Process can be served, however, by anybody over the age of 18 who isn’t involved in the litigation. Usually, process servers are required to deliver the appropriate documents to an authorized recipient in person, by hand, rather than through the mail or in an e-mail.

Once process is served, the defendant is legally able to participate in the proceedings, including appearances before the court. If they fail to respond appropriately, the court can find them in default and ultimately award the plaintiff relief.


  • Respectful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trustworthy
  • Team Work
  • Improved Productivity


We Cover All NYC makes it easy to connect with our service. We can supply a complete view of your service of process and our automated process makes it simple.

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Manage Your Services with Ease

Faster Process Service Completions | Clients say "WOW"

Managing process service information and interactions is a snap with

No more digging through various web sites, emails, and databases. Everything you and your colleagues need is stored in one place and accessible from everywhere. And we can customize to include a team so you can work the way you do now.

Better visibility into your services including a quick and easy upload center.


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